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About EDS

More Than 20 Years of
Digital Media Experience


EDS, Event Digital Services, is a digital marketing agency created by a team of media veterans focused on increasing conversions and engagement for customers looking to drive new revenue and data to their organization. Our focus on the event marketplace allows us to help increase ticket sales with festival goers, event attendees, and business to business registrants. With experience helping thousands of events manage their attendees and customer engagement, EDS has the knowledge to help you.

The world of digital media is experiencing innovation disruption unlike anything in recent times. With real-time buying decisions, technologies and data flow there are a wealth of new opportunities for advertisers to utilize. EDS was born to take advantage of these innovations and bring the best digital media practices to event marketers and agencies alike.

Our goal is simple – implement sophisticated event strategies and executions that drive measurable results, no matter the objective. Since we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard, we seek clients who share our desire to exceed industry standards with the most refined and innovative solutions.



Experience. With more than 20 combined years of experience in the event and digital advertising space, our team has the knowledge and expertise to build your success story.

We listen. No big egos, or politics with EDS – just us, dedicated marketing and event professionals, working hard to achieve your goals. We understand that each client is unique and each event has its own sets of challenges. We also know our clients have expertise in their realm that is invaluable to us, and we make sure to build and promote a successful business relationship where our clients feel their needs and goals are being met at all times.

Communication. We are all about making sure everyone is on the same page, constantly reaching out to our clients throughout our partnership so we can promote an open and honest channel of communication at all times. We take full ownership of our work and actions, and appreciate constructive feedback – it helps us solidify our relationship with our clients and produce better work.

Outstanding Customer Service. We’re small and nimble, and wish to be known by our marketing and event expertise coupled with our remarkable customer service. Every client is assigned to a dedicated team of experienced and certified professionals who are focused on understanding client goals, measuring performance, and delivering quality reporting.

We love what we do, our team, and our clients – and believe in our work.