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Murphy Craft Beer Fest

Event Details

The Murphy Craft Beer Fest partnered with Event Digital Services to drive brand awareness and ticket sales to their event. The festival took place at the Murphy Central Park, and featured over 150 beers to sample. A custom digital marketing campaign was created and optimized daily to engage the exact target audience for this event. EDS’s marketing capabilities goals were to deliver an cost efficient campaign and to drive ticket sales. While EDS has worked with many beer festivals in the past, there was a greater challenge to overcome with this specific event. Since the event was located in a small rural town, the team had to great a solid list of local keywords to ensure that the event got out to the community.

Digital Marketing Efforts Drove

  • 169


  • 4.29X

    Return on

The Murphy Craft Beer Fest is an annual festival that takes place in Murphy, Texas. Murphy is a town about 30 miles outside of Dallas. This event was created with activities for all ages. In addition to the craft beer tasting, other activities included: local-Texas wine tasting, community concert, crawfish boil, bounce houses, games, food trucks, and more!

Digital Marketing Results

By leveraging the Murphy Craft Beer Fest’s investment towards the best performing campaign, SEM, the marketing campaigns generated 4.29X return on investment. Event Digital Services utilized real time insights in order to make daily optimizations and resulted in selling 169 tickets to the beer festival. Even with geographic location of the event, the team was able to create a successful campaign and event for the client.

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