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San Diego Brew Fest

Event Details

Drink Eat Play partnered with Event Digital Services to generate awareness around their winter beer festival, San Diego Brew Festival. SD Brew Festival took place at Liberty Station in sunny San Diego, and featured 70 breweries and over 150 beers. A custom digital marketing campaign was created and optimized daily to engage the exact target audience for this event. EDS’s marketing capabilities goals were to deliver an cost efficient campaign and to drive ticket sales.

Digital Marketing Efforts Drove

  • 319


  • 15.6X

    Return on

Drink Eat Play is an LA based event production company, producing entertaining, memorable experiences.  Our events draw up to 15,000 attendees and most importantly, a majority are returning customers.  From 80s and 90s Prom, beer festivals, Tributefests and food events, we strive to produce the type of events attendees and sponsors mark their calendars for each year.

Digital Marketing Results

By leveraging the San Diego Brew Festival’s investment towards the best performing campaign, SEM, the marketing campaigns generated 15.6X return on investment. Event Digital Services utilized real time insights in order to make daily optimizations and resulted in selling 319 tickets to San Diego Brew Festival.

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