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Uncorked: LA

Event Details

Uncorked Wine Festivals organizes divine and tasteful wine events that take place throughout the country during various times of the year. Event Digital Services partnered with Uncorked: Los Angeles Wine Festival, an event that took place at Union Station in Los Angeles in January 2019, with the goal to widen the reach of the Uncorked: brand as well as drive attendees to the event. With the event rapidly approaching, EDS quickly created a campaign that would get in front of the exact target audience. 

Digital Marketing Efforts Drove

  • 770


  • 5.9X

    Return on

“The EDS team provided a strategic and effective digital campaign for our event in a highly competitive, major marketplace. Their expertise in the digital marketing environment was instrumental in driving additional ticket sales for our event. The staff was very attentive and helped grow our revenue. Overall, I would recommend EDS to help event organizers with their digital sales needs.”

-Uncorked Wine Festivals

Digital Marketing Results

In a highly competitive market, EDS created a highly targeted unique campaign for Uncorked: LA. By having a direct relationship between the digital marketing manager and the event organizer, EDS was able to deliver powerful results. Through dynamic media budget allocation and daily optimization, Uncorked made a 5.9X return on their investment and sold 770 tickets to the event. 


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